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It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week, and the day where you can try and set a pace of how your rest of the week will be and it’s awesome how you can set that pace for yourself.  For today’s post I decided to just do my nails with a little Spring flare in it. This color always makes me feel lively and in such a good mood, I don’t it’s a very pretty color.

I started with a clean nail, then added the base coat using Seche Vite and then I applied the nail polish in Mint Sorbet by Sally Hansen XTreme Wear, then a coat of Gelous, followed by another thin coat of the nail polish.

Afterwards, once the nail polish is a bit tacky, I started applying some tear drop crystals like so.  I didn’t have a specific pattern to follow so I just went with whatever or however they landed 🙂

Clean around your cuticles and apply your top coat. Tada! Pretty, sparkly, eye catching Spring nails!

What are your favorite colors to wear during the Spring or Summer? Do you just go with whatever mood you’re in and choose a color? Or do you prefer to have all the attention on your nails and do something crazy?