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One more day ladies, one more day and it is Friday and the weekend is here! Can you tell I’ve been itching for the weekend? LOL! I think what I am looking forward to is just the sleeping in, yes, I just want to sleep in until my body hurts from sleeping! Anyways, Chanel has always been a force, not only in the fashion world, but also in the beauty industry and they’ve come out with a collection that has me coveting it to the point where I’ve made the decision of purchasing it.

They launched their Perfection Lumiere Velvet Collection which features foundation, concealers, and blush.

The foundation comes with SPF 15 and will cost you $45.00 and $57.00 respectively, the powder will cost you $52.50 and the concealer will cost you $40.00.  With these foundations it is especially important to really moisturize your face if you have dry to normal skin as it is directed mainly for faces that are a bit on the oily side.  The finish to them is very matte, almost powdery and the coverage is from sheer to medium and it is completely buildable and easy to blend.

These babies here, which are beautifully pigmented, are $45.00 each. They’re of silky texture and give you a very flattery radiant glow that doesn’t look fake or oily, it’s got that perfect amount of shimmer in them to make it look as if you’re naturally glowing.

What I am just honestly most exciting about is just the foundation. The rest is gorgeous and very true to Chanel’s aesthetics, but my eye is on the foundation.  I’ll be doing a review on it as soon as I purchase it, which means that I have to do my makeup a lot more and use up all of my current foundation! I’m almost there though, it’s starting to hit pan! 😉

Any of you ladies already tried this? Are even remotely interested in trying it?