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It’s Monday, another week has begun. Normally I’d say something to make you dolls smile and get that pep in your step, but right now, I think I’m still half asleep. Tossing and turning all night is never fun! But regardless, yes it is Monday and the only thing you can do is apply that mascara, put on your favorite lip gloss, and smile at the world because only you can make this Monday feel better 🙂 During last week, MAC’s collaboration with Lorde was released and it, well, just have you just take a look. 

So this is the picture that was released by MAC.  And these are products

Um… very lackluster. The lipstick is called Pure Heroine which is a deep plum color. The purple is gorgeous, it just reminds me of an Orchid in full bloom. The next is their Penultimate Eye Liner in black, which would help you be able to get Lorde’s signature cat eye.

The line will be available by the beginning of June and the lipstick will cost you $16.00 with the liner $19.50.  Actually, I’m just like eh, I was really hoping there was going to be something more than just a lipstick or a liner.

What do you guys think? Were you hoping it was maybe something more?