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So I have several products that I am trying out and being a guinea pig so that you guys don’t suffer, so I can’t post about them just yet until maybe in two more weeks. Reason why is so that I am able to give you a good review that way, if you decide to purchase said product based on a review that I gave you won’t be disappointed. 

But in the time being, I’m sitting here with complete and utter writer’s block. Last week was full of new collections coming out but I’m sure there’s more than just collections that you want to know.

So that’s my question to you all.

– Are there any products that you would like to see reviewed?
– Seen a trend that you want to try but not sure how?
– Want a tutorial on a specific look?
– Ever wonder how to use a certain product or different ways of using a product?
– Want to learn how to get better of doing your own nails?
– Need help with your brows?

I know there are a lot of product reviews, tutorials, and everything out there and I’m sure that almost everything has been done as well.  I think this is an awesome way to connect with you guys who actually read my blog and I appreciate it and I’m more than happy to do this for you guys 🙂

Oh…. and get excited…. I’ll be having a giveaway soon!!! Stay tuned, I’m trying to put everything together and hopefully this giveaway will happen by the end of May or beginning of June! 😉