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I’m always in the look out for new nail art and designs.  My fascination and near obsession with always having presentable nails and hands have led me to come across some pretty awesome designs and tips and tricks on how to keep your nails fresh full of swag (yes I used swag lol). And while doing this I came upon something that I had not seen which immediately caught my eye and made me squeal like a little girl who found her favorite new toy!

They are being called cuticle tattoos!

The company that came out with this new awesome concept is none other than Rad Nails.  Their approach is really simple and self explanatory:

A new concept in nail art: cuticle art! Introducing Rad Nails BEYOND, an easy way to accent your nail art with easy-to-apply temporary cuticle tattoos.

Ok, I don’t know about you, but I’m sold. Simple as that. I LOVE anything nails! Rad Nails came to be by another girl just like me that is obsessed nail art as I am, her name is Chrissy Mahlmeister and she used to be an editor at MTV Style (remember, when MTV had actually awesome partial shows and when they used to play music videos) and just started posting about her nails and the nail art she would encounter. Eventually her knowledge was too much and the response of the girls that loved her nails that he went out and with the help of boyfriend, who’s a designer, they launched Rad Nails.

Here’s how she describes the process of applying your cuticle tattoos

Here are some photos I found on Google of girls using their cuticle tattoos

Here are the designs available

Now, while looking through for those pictures, I also found several tutorials on how to create these awesome cuticle tattoos… and yes I’ll giving them a try as well! I already placed an order for the last two designs (shown above) and when they get here I’ll post about them. In the mean time, yes, I am going to go and have fun checking out those tutorials on how to do them myself!

You can order your own cuticle tattoos here and check out more on Rad Nails as well!

What do you guys think? Would this be a trend for you to try during the Summer?