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Hello Dolls!!! We have survived another week and it’s time to unwind, relax, put on fun makeup and get ready for happy hour! Make this weekend count and get out there, have some fun! Today’s #ThatFace Honors is very special as this person is someone close that I’ve had admired from far ever since I met her. She hails from the amazing, full of life, culture, and history city of New Orleans, which now I consider my second home.

This very talented Makeup Artist has been in the industry for quite some time and has worked very hard in creating her brand.

This is Breion Jacque, aka, KasmereMakeupArtistry.  Her Instagram is filled with fun and amazing pictures of her work and of herself doing her own makeup in very awesome colors and using trends and is not afraid to flaunt it.  She’s become a staple in the fashion industry in New Orleans and has been doing editorials, weddings, and makeup for special occasions.  Her very hard work helped her launch her makeup line called Kas’mere Cosmetics.  Just like every business, it takes times to cultivate and make sure that it is successful, and I respect the fact that she’s taken her time to make her makeup line prosper.

Breion, I’ve never said it before, but you were a pivotal person and inspiration when I started embarking on this journey.  Your talent and your persona makes you an asset to anyone that meets you and has the opportunity to work with you.  Your clients are always praising your work and I’ve always admired your perseverance and diligence in your work ethic.  Because of that today’s #ThatFace Honors go to you.  Not because you’re family, but because you have a God given talent and you’re using it.  You’ve not only inspired me but you’ve also inspired many other artists.  Keep doing the work that you’re doing and continue to inspire us all!

For more on Breion and her work you can find her on Instagram here and on Facebook here.


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