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Welp… it’s Monday, and if the lateness of my post indicates anything, yes, I slacked this weekend lol.  And it wasn’t because I was out there celebrating 5 de Mayo, but I was just tired and just needed an actual day of pure and blissful laziness. My apologies, but I think we all need a little break here and there. With that out of the way, this fun palette has bright colors that are making more than a pop and I love the selection that is sure to stay for all of Spring and Summer.

Urban Decay released this palette in early March of this year and slowly but surely I’ve been seeing a lot of girls wearing the bright colors that look amazing! I just love how bright they are and the selection is not disappointing.  They are 10 shades that are velvety smooth that was inspired by Chaos from their “The Vice Palette”.  The palette brings back Chaos and also another cult favorite Revolt, which is a silver eye shadow that was featured in their “Anarchy Face Case”.

I love the packaging! It comes with a dual side brush as well!

Here’s a close up of it.  As you can see the colors are bold!!!

Because the colors are so bold and well Electric, I was at first a little hesitant from even considering it as a purchase because of it.  My main reason was well, I’ll probably be using it myself, I would probably never use it on my clients so I just didn’t really bother with it.  But while doing some online window shopping I came upon it again, so this time I just gave it a better look.  My first concern was that, yes, they’re very loud colors, so how would I use them? Then I found these beautiful ladies using the palette and it completely changed my mind about them…

If these ladies can pull it off, trust me, we can too! The colors just look gorgeous on any skin tone!  This is a very fun palette definitely made for Spring and Summer, especially with all the music festivals going on.  I’ll probably won’t purchase just yet, but it is definitely in my radar of purchasing.  At a price tag of $49.00, (true to all UD palette prices), I really have to consider how much will I be using this palette and I would recommend the same for you if you’re not used to wearing bold bright colors like these.

Do any of you have this palette? Have you find it easy to use and wear in your daily life? Do you just use it on the weekends? Would any you ladies use this palette on the daily?


Pictures of the lovely ladies courtesy of Google