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Hump day! Middle of the week is finally here, which means that the weekend is yet again around the corner.  Where is the time and days going?! So as promised, I found a tutorial on how to do your own cuticle tattoos.  It was actually really simple and easy to do.   When I was looking online I also found another site with so many different types of cuticle tattoos that I was a bit upset because I had already ordered the cuticle tattoos from Rad Nails.

These cuticle tattoos can be purchased at ASOS. It’s called Bourjois ASOS Exclusive Nail Tattoo Kit Porcelai’Nail, and it’s $7.51 for 200 temporary tattoos.  It’s described as bringing a little Paris flare to your fingertips. It’ll be available in May so I’ll keep an eye out for you ladies that might want to try these out.

Now on to the tutorial. This is the video that I found which had one of the easiest tutorials ever, her name is Jahtna and she’s really cute and quirky!

See how simple that was? So I followed her instructions just as she instructed, so check out the steps

Started with clean hands free of any lotion and clean nails. Apply your base coat then your nail polish. I applied a thin coat of Gelous followed by another coat of my nail polish.  I used Sally Hansen’s XTreme Wear in Mint Sorbet.  I also had ready hologram black stars (which I love and are really cute but a pain!) and the liquid band aid Skin Shield.

I started adding the small stars like so

Once all the little stars were applied, clean around your cuticles and clean up your nails so that they’re ready for the designs.  I took my Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Starry (which you can get here – oh and it’s awesome as an eyeliner!)

Start by just adding lines or dots or whatever you feel like doing on your cuticles.  With this eyeliner I had to go over the design twice to get a darker, less see-thru look.  If you use a different type of eyeliner you may not have to do this.

Once you’ve gone over it (if needed) then take your liquid band aid and apply a thin coat.  Tip: Make sure that you remove any excess off the brush as it contains A LOT of product and you will make a mess.

I then took my brand new 🙂 OPI Matte Top Coat (which I had been coveting for the longest time and finally purchased it!) And apply to your nails. I only did a good single coat on my nails.

Et voilá! The finished product!

As you can see, it looks fun and definitely different. I personally like it, a lot, and I can’t wait for the ones that I ordered to come in the mail.  If you pay close attention to the last picture, the one in the right, you can see that the liquid band aid is starting to peel off.  In the video, she stresses that this is something for you to wear for only 1-2 days and she is right.  if you wash your hands as constantly as I do, this will also just last you a day or two at max.  I can’t believe I waited this long to get the matte top coat. I am so upset with myself. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how they look! I know for a fact I will be using a lot because it just looks so much better and I also think matte nails look 10 times better without any designs, so don’t be surprised if I don’t do designs for a while 😉 .

Here is another place for my ladies out in the UK where you can buy even larger selection of cuticle tattoos which I like even more, it’s called Tattoonies and it’s all temporary tattoos everything!  What do you guys think of this? Are you feeling it? Something that you may consider trying out before making a purchase? Hate it? Not a fan?