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Dolls! It’s Friday! I hope that all you ladies out there that are Mommas have a Happy Mother’s Day.  I won’t be sharing it with my mom but I’ve sent her all my love.  The Makeup Artist I’m going to feature tonight is truly really an artist to the fullest meaning of the word.

This is Fracesca Tolot

This Makeup Artist hails from Italy and had the opportunity to work under one of the most respected makeup artists in Italy. She took a 6 month course under him and quickly was taken under his wing. Her first job? Vogue Italia. Yes, her first job. Her aspirations were never really to become a makeup artist, but she was an artist.

She took a trip to the US, LA to be more specific and she loved it and moved there on a temporary basis and then later made her move permanently. Since then she has been able to work with icons such as Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor, which later she became her personal makeup artist.

Elizabeth Taylor

Sofia Loren

Helmut Newton and Janet Jackson

She created this look that now is known as the cut crease

Francesca was, and can be said, the original creator of the cut crease. It premiered and made it’s debut in Vogue Italia. She’s set the standard for many makeup artists without even knowing.

And this too

Body paint


She later was commissioned Beyoncè and has been working with her for the past 10 years and again, has been responsible for creating some of her most memorable looks. She’s also the force behind Cover Girl’s ads and commercials as well as with some music videos and she had her complete break through with Dreamgirls as Beyoncè’s makeup artist for the entire movie.


Yes, she created this look or got inspired? Hmmm….

Yes, she’s the one responsible these ads

Ms. Francesca, you have catapulted into an industry that is very coveted at this moment. With the talents that you have and vision that you’ve been able to create iconic looks not only on Iconic women but also she’s been the reason many of us get inspired to continue doing what we do because of you. The talent that you possess is beyond and I can’t express more what your accomplishments have done to this industry, and for that you get this week’s honors.

You can see more of her work on her site here and you can follow her on Instagram here and on Twitter here.