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It’s Monday again, and I hope all of you got a good healthy rest… and if you didn’t, head on over and get your coffee.  Last week I showed you what Chanel did with their Resort look and the makeup look.  Today I’ll show you what Dior Cruise line consisted of, and you’ll notice a trend: dual-lined eyes.

Makeup Artist Peter Phillips created the look for their Cruise line.   As you can see, it is really simple, delicate, and beautiful. Plus super easy to create at home for a date night or just a night with the girls.  Peter decided that for this look they would have a matte face with a hint of luminous glow.  He actually used the new Diorskin Star Foundation and Concealer, which by the way, doesn’t come out until September. Bummer. It is described as creamy texture and it is almost matte but still gives a glow.  When creating this look, it was just simple, started by doing a classic eye line in black.  It’s just a simple eye line, nothing too much, and definitely not a winged liner.  Then underneath all he did was just add one graphic line underneath so that it is noticeable and opens up the eye.

When doing the bottom liner, star in the middle area of your eyes and line outwards.  This will definitely make your eyes pop and look bigger.  If you’re not confident on doing this with a liquid eye liner, you can always start by using either a pencil liner or if you’re skilled and have a steady hand, you can also do it with powder and an angled brush. Once you have achieved the look, you can trace it with you’re liquid eye liner.  To finish off your eyes, make sure that you curl your lashes very well and apply enough mascara to make them pop.  If you want, you can also add just subtle whispies to the outer corner of your eyes, that will also just make you have big eyes.

So now you’re done and you think that maybe your eyes don’t look good, here’s what you do: add a bit of a shimmer eye shadow in between the gap that the two eye liners do. This will separate the line and help them bring the focus to it.  Also, make sure that your eye brows are groomed and filled in and also don’t forget to contour and highlight your face lightly. You don’t want to over do it, just a hint is all you need with this look.  To seal it all, opt for a rosy lip color or gloss. You want it as natural as possible with just a hint of color on them.

What do you guys think?  Simple, effortless, chick, and very pretty.  I like these looks a lot because it always reminds me of the “less is more” and in this case it actually works.  Would you guys try this look out?