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Middle of the week already dolls! I’m telling you ladies, the days are going by so fast that I feel like I’m missing out on great things! Hopefully you all are doing something meaningful with your time and enjoying it to the fullest! By now, I’m sure all of you know my fascination and slight obsession with everything nails, and this new product that I’m about to introduce to you has taken me into nail overdrive!!!

It’s called Bohem Nail Jewellery.  What is this? Well, ladies feast your eyes on these awesome….. nail… jewelry!!!!

Aren’t these freaking AMAZING!!!!!!

Now, we all know that there are some nail polishes out there that are so extravagant like the 18 karat Gold Leaf Top Coat from OPI or one of my favorite that I don’t think I’ll be able to afford just yet, Azature Diamond Nail Polish that contains black diamonds in every bottle.  Bohem Jewellery is designed to be worn as an accent nail to compliment your nails or your nail art.  This line was dreamed up by jewellers Joe Vella, Raj Lawla who have been in the business for over 40 years and they specialize in doing intricate jewellery.  The nail appliqués are made out of sterling silver, 9 kt gold, 18 kt gold, 22 kt gold, and platinum, and are designed to sit on top of your nails, they’re completely safe to use on your nails, and come with specially designed adhesive tabs that guarantee the jewellery to stay in place and they’re reusable.  They come in three different sizes and can also be engraved!

How. Cool. Is. That?!!!??!? (Can you tell I’m like super uber freakingly excited about this?! LOL 😉 )  Here are some of my favorite picks

They have a huge and wide range of selections in red, blue, brown, purples, and pinks.  They also say that you can customize your nail jewellery as well.

This idea would be gorgeous for like a wedding nail appliqué for that special day.

The site is really easy to navigate and they have a Euro to US dollar conversion, so the nails appliqués range price wise from $25.00 all the way up to $65.00.  You can also get them in singles or in pairs.  The most common size is medium which will fit almost anyone.

You can order yours here and once you get it make sure to show it off to not only to myself but to everyone! I’ll definitely be placing an order for it as a super late birthday gift to myself and a super early Christmas gift as well! 😉

What do you guys think? Would any of you even try this?