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It is Thursday, one day closer to the weekend, one day closer to Memorial Day weekend festivities and I just can not wait!!! I’ve been due for a good time away from everything and that is exactly what I am looking forward to.  This year a lot of companies have come out with some pretty innovative things for the beauty world, and L’Oréal is keeping up right along with them with this new app that they’ve come out with!

So what is this? Well, it’s an app that uses your smartphone’s front-facing camera to let you try on eye shadows, eyeliners, lipsticks, lip glosses, and blushes in real time, without having to use a picture of yourself.  Sounds promising right? Available in June and only to iPhone users for now, hehe 😉 .  The app will be available in June and you will be also able to go to any L’Oréal counter and scan the label of the product that you liked and be able to test it to compare the results you received with your app.

When you open Makeup Genius it maps out 64 points on your face to identify your skin tone and features.  Then you can choose any products to try or any runway looks and the makeup is applied virtually to your face and it moves with you as you smile, talk, and walk around.  Here’s why people are raving so much about it: The eye shadows are smoked out to perfection, the lipstick is shiny or matte depending on what shade you chose, and the blush is blended to give it a natural look just as if you would have applied it.

Not to be confused with “The Color Genius”, this is strictly for makeup. Although, The Color Genius is also kind of awesome.  It matches your outfit with what your nail polish and eye shadows and then you can blend, match it, or clash it.  Check it out.

This app is now out and available for you to use and play and have fun with.  Technology is really taking off and targeting women because they know we’re a force to be reckoned with.  Pretty much, we rule the beauty industry, and I love all of that because we can easily make or break something.

What do you guys think about these two new apps?  Will you be keeping an eye out for it? Will you be downloading The Color Genius? (I already did).  Do you think the face recognition app will work just as they claim that it will?