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Hi dolls!!!! So I know I NEVER do this, but I couldn’t let you ladies without knowing how the cuticle tattoo worked out!  They were a little tricky to figure out, but I eventually got it!

I started as normal, clean nails and lotion free hands.  I applied my Seche Vite base coat, coat of Essie’s Candy Apple, then a coat of Gelous, another coat of Candy Apple, another of Gelous, and then I finished it off with OPI’s Matte top coat. (I told y’all, I love this top coat!!!)


Then I started with the cuticle tattoos…. now, please excuse me, but I had not have to apply one of these in a super very long time!!! So the first 2 tries, yeah, they were a complete fail lol 😉 but I managed!

Cut out the piece that you’re going to use and DEFINITELY cut and follow the curve of the tattoo that goes on the bottom portion where your cuticle meets with your nail.  This will ensure proper placement.

Once you’ve placed it where you want it, take a wet paper towel (just wet, do not have it drenched) and blot over it.  The paper will get almost instantly wet and stick to your skin. Keep blotting without trying to move the paper so that the tattoo doesn’t move either.  Once you feel like it’s been applied, maybe like 5 full blots after, slowly peel the paper away et voilá!

Repeat the process on each nail

Pro Tip: I learned this last night, but if you want this to last much, much longer, take a Sharpie marker with the Ultra Fine Point or any Sharpie marker that you may have, trace the temporary tattoo, let it dry, rub baby powder over it and spray some hair spray on top of it. Now your temporary tattoo will last you a whole month without fading!

Hope all you ladies have a great weekend!!!