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Hello darlings! I hope all of you had a great weekend with family and friends.  This long weekend was very much needed and I’m so thankful that I was able to spend it with the fam bam.  And if you’re reading the title, it literally says exactly what happened to me… I had a little too much fun, which is perfectly fine, but way too much sun. 

I’ve always kind of tanned, never really actually got burned until this weekend.  I was smart on putting on sun block first thing when I got to the beach.  I used Neutrogena’s Sun Block in 50 SPF.

I love this because it doesn’t feel greasy or anything like that, it’s just perfect!

Now, here’s where I went wrong: I only applied it once. On my face. That’s it.  Then I had the bright idea of getting on the quad and ride around and didn’t reapply my sun block.  I decided that it was time, after a few hours, for me to lay out and get a “tan” and I applied some tanning oil.  After 30 minutes I was at the perfect shade that I wanted to be.

Fast forward a couple hours later and I didn’t reapply my sun block. Next day again, I only applied sun block to my face and no where else, yes bad I know.  And after riding around on the jeep, the dune buggy, and the quad my shoulders and arms ended up looking something like this (I was wearing a tank to top it off so it looks even worse):

Well, today, I’m hurting, not a lot, but I am, especially on my shoulders where at the moment it is still a bit red.  Here’s a remedy that I know works and I’ll be doing tonight to just practically heal it over night:

– Clean wash cloth
– Raw Apple Cider vinegar
– Coconut Oil

Wet the cloth with cold water and then splash some apple vinegar on it.  Dab the cloth onto your sunburn, soaking the skin.  You should start feeling almost immediate relief from stinging, leave it for a couple of minutes.  Then apply coconut oil deliberately all over your sunburn .

By the next day your sunburn should practically be almost healed completely.  Continue using the coconut oil in the affected area to help your skin be hydrated and moisturized as it’s been depleted of all of that.  You may or may not peel (I’ve hardly ever have), and the red should be gone.  You can repeat the process the next day if you feel like it, but you should see a drastic difference.  You can also do this for your face as well.

Hopefully this helps you, like how it is going to help me 🙂