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Ah, Thursday! One more day dolls, one more day! So yesterday while catching up on all my news I stumbled upon a Yahoo! article that caught my attention and I actually read fully and completely.  The topic was about what products you should skip on purchasing and they had a list of 5 items, in which 3 of them all of us are very well known about.  

The author of the post begins with asking the question about us women having beauty dilemmas or insecurities that has pushed us to buy into “miracle” products.  I’m not going to lie, yes I’ve fallen for some of the gimmicks, but it’s been some of those obvious gimmicks.  Like cellulite creams, which she also says that are a waste of time.  But what I was really surprised was about the primer, lip plumping lip gloss, and false lashes.


She states that no miracle primer will shrink your pores, and she’s right.  But what I think she missed is that even though we would all love to have our pores shrunk or permanently disappear or buffed away, primers aid in the appearance of making them less noticeable.  We all LOVE Benefit’s POREfessional and I think it’s one of those very few primers out there that actually help minimize the appearance of pores.  On top of that, it also helps with the staying power of your makeup.

Lip Plumping Lip Gloss

Then the famous lip plumping lip glosses.  She’s right when she says that they only give you temporary, or as long as your lip gloss lasts on your lips, plumping.  What I’ve found with lip plumping glosses is that many women are allergic to some of the “plumping” ingredients in these lip glosses.  I’ve tried some and one of my favorite ones is a Victoria’s Secret lip gloss.  I’m sure many women, I hope, but many, many women have tried them and have achieved some lip plumping.

Mink False Lashes

Ok, I agree, Mink false lashes may be a bit out there.  Where she focuses is on how expensive they tend to be and how they compare to the lesser expensive brands out there.  Also, she questions the way that Mink are treated in order to get this luscious lashes to your eyes.

I think that she may have gotten some of this information just wrong, and unfortunately, she’s in the beauty industry and I feel like she should have made a better argument to why these products are pointless.  I’m sure 90% of all women read the boxes, go online and read reviews, and ask sales consultants about what the benefits of what each and what products know.  I believe that we know that our pores won’t magically shrink when the box clearly states “reduces the appearance” not it will shrink your pores.  Lip plumping lip glosses is just an obvious one. Heck it’s on our lips! We’re going to end up eating it, licking it, and wiping it away when we eat or drink.  Of course it’s not a permanent plumper or filler!  And finally, Mink false lashes…. sighs…. I think on this she just clearly didn’t understand that many women buy these lashes just becasue a) they’re Mink lashes, b) status position: being able to say that they wear Mink lashes and c) it’s a vanity thing. We’re women, we ALWAYS want to look our best and we will spend money to be able to do so.

What do you guys think? Was she right on the money? You can read the article here and share your thoughts.  You think maybe she should have done a little more research as to why we would think these are pointless beauty buys?