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It’s finally Friday and I couldn’t be more happier! The weekend is here and I’m looking so much forward to sleeping in.  For today’s #ThatFace honors, I will only be able to post it on here as I lost my phone during the weekend and I have yet to replace it.  What sucks even more was that I had just purchased my phone 3 months ago and like a doh-doh head I did not get the insurance on it… so this is where I stand. This Makeup Artist unbeknownst to me, became one of my favorite Makeup Artists and she became one of yours as well, you know why? One word: Rihanna.

This is Mylah Morales

She’s an Angelino who as a young girl has love everything and anything beauty and fashion.  She’s been in the industry for a very long time and is Rihanna’s primary and long standing makeup artist.  She was the force behind some of her more iconic looks and was with her when she started and skyrocketed to the super star that she is now.  Mylah is known as the Glaminator and she’s earned that title fair and square!

I searched through many countless online posts to know more about her history and how she became a makeup artist but was only able to find very little about her.  From a very young age she knew exactly what she wanted to do and she found her niche with makeup and pursued it wholly.  She has a beautiful baby boy which many at one point confused for being Jay Z’s nephew when they saw Rihanna walking out of a restaurant with him. Later it was discovered that in fact it was Mylah’s son whom Rihanna was photographed with.  Mylah has not only worked with Rihanna, she’s also worked with Taraji P Henson, Jordin Sparks, Leona Lewis, Viola Davis, Ciara, Shakira, and Ashley Benson to name a few.  She’s also done countless covers for Elle, Glamour, Harper Bazaar, and Rolling Stones. And last but not least she’s also done advertisement for Cover Girl, H&M, Gucci, Bacardi, and McDonalds; the music videos for Rihanna, Cher Lloyd, and Leona Lewis.  This woman has done a lot!!! See some of her amazing work below.

This beauty shot is just beyond gorgeously beautiful!!!

One of my other favorite beauty looks

Ms. Mylah, wow! I have always been a huge Rihanna fan from the day that I heard of her.  Her makeup was always something that I would emulate because I could identify with the creativity and beauty that you were going for and I appreciated it much more. #ThatFace Honors goes to you for being able to create looks that look so effortlessly, chic, and beautiful.  Your loyalty and your personality have cemented you as one of the greats and you deserve this. You’ve inspired me to continue working in my craft to be able to achieve my dreams.

You can see more of her work here, follow her on Facebook here, Instagram here, and Twitter here.


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