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Doll Faces! So sorry for the last post, but I had some early morning errands to run.  There are so many things happening in the fashion and beauty world that I am just way too excited! But I’ll get into that later, for now let me tell you about this new eye liner that is receiving major reviews at the moment, and here’s the kicker: it’s not even out yet!!! Yes, I’m talking about benefit’s They’re Real! Push Up Liner.

This liner is getting uh-mazing reviews!!! Here’s the back story on this: It is being said that it took benefit 5 years to be able to perfect this gel eyeliner.  The idea behind the concept of the eyeliner was so that anyone would be able to use it.  From the barely starting-I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing to the experts.  It is designed for you to be able to do a super thin line, your normal line, the classic eye line or a bold cat eye.  The other amazing thing is that even though this is a gel eyeliner, it is a matte eyeliner. Yes, matte!!! There has been many times where the gel eyeliner I’m wearing is too shiny and I don’t like it because it’s not the look I’m going for.  Not only is this eyeliner matte, it is also waterproof, long wearing, and it hugged the lash line.

This eyeliner is special, check out it’s applicator

The applicator promises to make it a simple application and it gives you a step by step on how to apply it

This is the type of liner that you definitely want it to be fully dry before even doing anything else and you definitely want to have your entire eye makeup done before you do this in order to avoid and fall out on your freshly applied eyeliner.  The “felt” tip is not felt, it’s more like silicone and it’s flexible and it’s a push-up or in reality more like a few clicks to get the product to the top.

Benefit outdid themselves because not only did they come up with this awesome eyeliner, but they’re also introducing “They’re Real! Remover”. Yes an eye makeup remover specifically designed for this eyeliner since it is waterproof.

The eyeliner will run you $24.00, remover $18.00, and the mascara $23.00.  They will all be available to purchase at Sephora and at Benefit on June 27.

Are you ladies ready for this eyeliner!? I’m kinda sorta super excited about it! I can’t wait for it to be available so I can go and buy it, but in the meantime, I’ll go and purchase the mascara as that is already out!