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Wow, it’s already Thursday! The week has gone by really quick! I mean it was just like what, Tuesday yesterday? That’s how it feels.  Spring and Summer have always been the time when the beauty industry is at full bloom (see what I did there 😉 ) and not to be left behind, Victoria’s Secret has also joined in as well. 

Victoria’s Secret has been in the industry for a very long time.  I love some of their body sprays, (who doesn’t), and one of my signature scents for a very, very, long time was the Body Rush Appletini Body Double Mist spray that they unfortunately discontinued and I’ve been hoarding it for like 4 years now. Yes, that’s how much I love it. Bring it back Vicky!!!!!  Anyways, I’m sure that many of you have seen their ride range of makeup and perfumes among other products that they offer.

Victoria’s Secret Summer Cosmetic Bag & Brushes

Each one comes with their most popular brushes like their blush brush, eye defining brush, allover face brush, allover eye shadow brush, angled eye liner brush, as well as a built in mirror.  The bags are made of PVC and Nylon which make it easy for any cleaning.  The bags also have see-through pockets so you can see what is stored in there and they’re easy to hang up on your door or where you keep your traveling cosmetics at.

Gold Leopard Large Hanging Bag.  This bag will cost you $32.00 and you can hang this up where you would like. It opens up and with it’s clear pockets you can see what you have in there.

Gold Leopard iPhone Clutch.  This little “clutch” will cost you $28.00 and fits any iPhone 4/s & 5/s and it contains and ID card window along with 4 credit card slots.

Coral Striped Medium Cosmetic Bag.  This see-through coral bag will cost you $18.00 and it’s just the perfect size to throw in your carry on with all of your important go-to makeup needs for when you get out of the plane you’re strutting like a model! Ha! 😉

Signature Cosmetic Bag.  Their signature bag is $16.00 and it’s just too freaking cute.  This would be perfect for when heading on a day trip and just tossing it in your purse and have quick access to it.

What do you ladies think of these bags?  Are they worth the price?  When was the last time you bought cosmetics at VS? I admit, I haven’t, ever, the brushes I had were a gift and well, they shed a lot and after a few cleanings they started losing their shape.  Maybe these new brushes are better quality.  Do any of you guys have their brushes? What do you guys think of them?