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Man did this week fly!!! It’s Friday lovelies and I am happy that it’s already here.  I think what made it seem that it was even a faster week was the fact that I was really busy the entire week! I guess that’s a good thing! For today’s #ThatFace Honors I looked everywhere for as much information on this Makeup Artist as possible and guess what? I found close to nothing. 😦 regardless, his work speaks for itself. 

I’m speaking about Patrick Ta

I’m sure many of you have seen his work on Instagram, the man is very talented!  As I was telling you dolls, I really searched and searched all over online for his bio or at least for some type of information on him for us to be able to get to know him and I couldn’t find any.  But…. his work does speak for itself.  He’s worked with many celebrities like Mel B from the Spice Girl to Jessica Burciaga to Draya Michele.  I’m going to confess something…. yes, I’ve watched Basketball Wives LA…. my favorite is Draya… but the real reason why I watch it or try to catch some of the episodes it is because I love seeing Draya’s makeup!  Patrick does amazing!!! I just love how she looks when he does her makeup, it’s just flawless and strong, bold, yet glamours.  Check out some of his work below.

photo 2

Mr. Ta, you talented man you, have had me hooked on your Instagram page for quite some time!  You have been able to create beautiful glamour looks, sophisticated looks, classic looks and just an overall beautiful looks that we can easily achieve but just looking at your posts.  Your talent has been able to catapult you to where many of us want to be and beyond.

You can follow Patrick on Instagram here, Facebook here.


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