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Friday eve, the day that for some us is either too long or the time seems to stand still because we want it to be over already to welcome the weekend.  Like a week ago I was contacted asking if I liked nail wraps and if I would be interested in trying a sample of them.  Duh! Was my first response since you all know that I’m a little obsessed with nails and nail art. I finally received a sample and all it’s information is here for you all to indulge in!

Jamberry Nails was born out of a necessity and a more convenient, simpler, and more affordable way of getting your nails done with up to date art designs that would last and wouldn’t chip after a few days.  The originators are three sisters, Lyndsey, Christy, and Keri, who enjoyed having their nails done but didn’t like the fact that their nails would chip after a few days and were spending a lot of money in keeping their nails chip free and in art designs.  Then in 2010 after trial and error they came up with Jamberry Nails. These nail wraps are non-toxic, latex-free, cruelty-free, vegan, and they’re made in the US.  But not only do they offer nail wraps, they also offer nail polishes as well.

They have over 250 designs and each sheet comes with four applications, they’re elongated enough to where you can cut it in half and it covers your entire nail with still some extra wrap left over.

I was contacted by Kristen who got my information by another fellow makeup artist who pretty much told her my love for nails.  After exchanging quick emails I told her that I would try a sample and that I would write about it here for you guys to also be introduced to them and to see what you guys think about them.  I am not being paid to do this review (or getting free nail wraps 🙂 ).  I just honestly wanted to share this with you guys.  She sent me this really cute business card (I’ll include all her info for you guys below) and two samples plus something I wasn’t expecting…. Ryan Goslin swoons.

So I did my nails as normal, not even going to bother with the steps, I’m sure you all know them by heart now with how much I post about them 😉

(Don’t mind the background, right as I took the picture I noticed that when I moved my bamboo plant that I had broken part of it’s vase).

After I did my nails I got to work with the nail wraps.  For this you’ll also need a blow dryer close by or a mini heater in order to get the nail wrap a bit flexible and to get the adhesive working. I cut my nail wrap in half and then applied it to my nail.

Then I headed over to my bathroom, took out my blow dryer and literally blasted it for like 10 seconds and cut off the excess with my eye brow scissors and then in a downward motion, I filed the little remaining nail wrap until it fused completely to my nail edge. Afterwards just as a precaution I applied a thin layer of top coat only to the edge of the nail to seal it.

Et voilá!!! It was simple, quick, and easy!

Doesn’t it look cute! I really do like them a lot!  The nail wraps are set to last you approximately 2 weeks without any chipping, and I’m looking forward to that!  The removal process is easy as well and you have 2 options. You can heat the wrap again with a blow dryer or mini heater for like 15 seconds and then slowly peel the wrap from side to side until it’s completely off.  If that doesn’t work then you can soak the nail wrap in nail polish remove for 20-30 seconds and rub it off like you would normally do with a nail polish remover. Simple!

The quality of them is much better than the Marchesa nail wraps, they’re not thick and they mold super quickly to your nail even without heating them (which was what I did the first time around, I put heat to the nail wrap after I had already rubbed it down on my nail and molded it) and didn’t dissolve in clumps like how the Marchesa did, it actually adhered to the edge and it didn’t peel, it just really stayed on there.  The fact that it comes with 4 applications is another win for me. With a price of $15 per sheet, 4 nail applications? It sounds about right, it doesn’t break your bank.  Another awesome thing with Jamberry is that you can become a nail consultant with them and you can host nail parties!

If any of you ladies are interested in ordering them or giving them a try feel free to contact Kristen at kreinke2009@gmail.com or via her site here or through her Facebook here and let her know that I sent ya!!!

What do you dolls think? Would this be something that you’d give a try? Have any of you tried them before? Let me know!