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Hump Day!!! It’s our “Friday eve” today! Aren’t you excited?!?! Can you tell I am? It’s a long and well deserved weekend for all of us, I’m sure you’re all thankful for the extra day on the weekend!  I hadn’t been on Pinterest in such a long time that I decided to take a look at it and see everything awesome that I had missed out.  After like an hour or so, I went to the search bar and typed in my favorite word: nails. Alas, all I got was awesome images of super awesome nail art!

So as I’m scrolling through my eyes fall on this

I fell in love with this!

This French doll is talented and artistic!!! Her site Pshiiit is full of tutorials and nail art to inspire for months!!! So as I continued to covet her nails I decided that I was going to do my nails just as that design or as close as possible.

This nail tutorial turned out to be a 2-day nail project as I decided to do the base colors of the nails the day before.  I used Sally Hansen XTreme Wear in Blew Me Away, Coral Caribbean, Black Out, and White On,  Essie’s Set in Stone, Seche Vite, Gelous, and OPI Matte Top Coat.

So what I did I took some tape and just started taking pieces and applying them my hand so that way the adhesive wouldn’t be as tacky when applying to my nail.  After that I added the white on the exposed areas.

I did this on my other hand as well and applied a second coat.  I waited around 20 minutes for it to dry enough so that I could do the next part.  I applied the tape and made another triangle like so

2PicMonkey Collage


I applied the black nail polish and did the same on all other nails.  Once they were dry I took an old bobby pin and opened it a bit more.  Then I took the black nail polish and added a generous drop of black onto the paper towel and dipped the bobby pin tip into it.  This will be used as your dotting tool.

Then you’re going to “dot” on the white portion of the triangle.  I just did one on the triangle point and then 2-3 on each side depending on how much room I had. I let my nails dry really good and then I applied a good amount of Gelous top coat, focusing on the ends of the nails since I don’t want them to peel until after the weekend.  Once they were done I applied the matte top coat.

Tada! So, I think I really out did myself on this one! I love it! Even though the colors she used were more on the pastel and lighter side, I actually like how it looks with the matte top coat! Check out a side by side comparison! 

(Yes I had to use a brightening filter to try and get the same effect)

What do you ladies think? Yeah?  You can definitely visit her site and check out more of her work! Do you ladies feel like you can or can’t do any of these designs because it’s too complicated?  Let me know!