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I hope that all of you had a great and relaxing and safe weekend.  It’s Monday again, start anew, like eating more healthy, working out, you know things that we always say that we’re going to start doing and that we’re waiting on Monday to come 😉 .  During the weekend I did a very little mini beauty haul that included some normal stuff for me to use like some setting powder, an eye shadow, and mascara. Miss Manga Voluminous mascara by L’Oreal.

This mascara promises to give you super voluminous lashes.  It also has a brand new kind of brush that no other mascara has thought of.  The wand moves in a 360 degrees and can be bent to reach your smallest of lashes and make them look bigger to give you that big doe eyed look.  Of course I had to go buy it. Actually, let me say the truth, I ran out of mascara so I needed to buy new mascara and while I know that Max Factor‘s mascara isn’t available I wanted to try something new so I bought this.

Picture from Google as I forgot to take a picture of me doing the exact same thing.

So here’s what I have to say about this mascara… I love the packaging, it’s just too cute and very girly, I can’t help but love the hot chrome pink and black.  For any of you who already use any of L’Oreal’s Voluminous mascara brand I’m sure that you’re going to love the formula on this mascara.  To me, the formula was a little too wet.  I guess I’m used to formulas being a little more the thicker.  The wand itself was a little tricky for me.  The wand is very flimsy, I mean super flimsy.  If you’re used to getting into the end of your itty bitty lashes and then doing the upward sweep, you might find this to be some what irritating because unless you put a business card or a mascara shield on your eye you will have a messy raccoon look.

I’m not as lucky as some of you ladies that have super long and curled lashes.  My lashes are medium length and straighter than a table.  So obviously I always curl my lashes (and this is why I never use non-waterproof mascara because it makes my lashes get straight again and look like fly legs, eww) and then I applied my two coats of mascara.  I used this mascara all weekend long and I’m going to continue using it and I’ll write a second review on it.  I just feel like I’m not giving this mascara an opportunity.  I do know though that it’s formula being too wet does give you the wide eye super bold lashes but it can very easily become a clumpy mess.  What I may do as well is try and using a different wand with this formula, I have a feeling that my lashes could look so much better if the brush was different and more sturdier and more of an evenly distributed mascara.

What do you ladies think?  Have any of you already purchased this?  If you have, how do you like it? Has it lived up to your expectations? Let me know!