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When we travel, especially by plane, we tend to get bloated, stuffy, and just icky.  And I’m sure that as much as some of us might try, we at least try to look semi decent when arriving, especially if we have someone waiting on us and we want to look good.  But since carry-ons are getting to be annoying, I’m sure you don’t want to be carrying around your entire makeup tote with you and then have your tweezers confiscated.  Enter Lanôme’s Ideal Palette.

Each palette is designed for a specific purpose: glow, sculpt, and bronze. The only places at the moment that you can get these palettes are at airports, duty free shops and on board some airlines.  So if you’re travelling, keep an eye out for this as it’s really chic and serves an amazing purpose.

Ideal Sculpt: This palette is to help you highlight and contour your face, comes with 3 lip sticks/ lip glosses, Kohl eyeliner, eye brow pencil, brush with spooly, and a blush brush.
Ideal Glow: This palette is a bit more matte, it’s also to help you highlight and contour but it is more to give you a correcting palette as it contains concealer.
Ideal Bronze: This would be perfect for those coming from the beach and just need a bit of some healthy looking glow with a bit of shimmer to keep up with your sun kissed look.

I actually LOVE the Ideal Sculpt and definitely the Ideal Glow.  I’ll probably end up looking for this when I travel again to see if it’s available in my airport, although I doubt it, but who knows!  Oh yeah, there’s no price for this yet, which only means that it’s in the range of $40-$60, so remember that.

What do you guys think of these palettes? Would it be something that you would purchase?