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This week just flew by! It’s Thursday and in the makeup world it’s another beautiful day!  So we all know MAC, we all know how they’re always coming out with some great products for us to enjoy.  But what I hardly see from them are palettes like with other cosmetics lines have. Well, they’ve might of just done that but in their own way of course!

MAC Look In A Box (I feel like it should have dashes in between and be like a jack-in-a-box lol 😉 )

I like how they didn’t airbrush the model’s pores or anything, makes it more believable

These palettes became available at the beginning of July exclusively first with Nordstrom and now available to everyone. It’s all universal shades that flatter everyone, which is a great thing, and it covers everything from eye shadows, blush, and even brushes.  Two Face Kits come in colors like taupe and plum with warm beiges and corals and have three Powder Blushes, six eye shadows, two lipsticks, and a duo-handled brush.  Three Looks in a Box come with lipstick, lip glass, Technakohl Liner, and Veluxe Pearlfusion Eye Shadow Trio in colors like pink, coral and in neutral.  Not only that but each one of them comes with a face chart (eek!!!)! And last but not least they also have 2 sets of brushes that you can get.

All About Plum Look In A Box Face Kit $49.50

This comes with 6 eye shadows which are all new and limited edition as well, 2 powder blushes that are new and limited edition, 2 lipsticks that are new and limited edition, and 2 brushes, 274 SE and 316 SE.

All About Pink Look In A Box $39.50

1 lipstick in bright fuchsia pink, 1 lip glass in bright warm pink which is limited edition, Technakohl in soft brown, and Fabulous Three Veluxe Pearlfusion which is new and limited edition.

All About Coral Look In A Box $39.50

1 lipstick in coral, 1 lip glass in soft rosey coral with pearlized pigments, Technakohl in deep brown, and Veluxe Pearlfusion Collective Chic which is new and limited edition.

All About Nude In A Box $39.50

1 lipstick in a mid-tone beige pink, 1 lip glass in soft beige pink, Technakohl in black, Veluxe Pearlfusion in Cool Campions which is also new and limited edition.

Basic Brush Kit Look In A Box $49.50

129 SE, 204 SE, 224 SE, 239 SE, 266 SE

Basic Brush Kit Look In A Box $49.50

159 SE, 193 SE, 214 SE, 275 SE

Ok, so I’m not going to lie at all….. I actually want all of them! I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a “face in a box” aka palette or whatever you want to call it, lol, in a very long time! The price is very MAC of course but I don’t think this will stay for a very long time so if you’re like me, I’m sure you’re going to start counting your pennies and start saving up for this. I am really looking forward to all of them, I just love all the combination of colors. Plus you get brushes! In a set! You know those are super coveted!!! So are any of you going to run to get them? Have you gotten them already? If you have, I’m sooooo jelly!