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The weekend is here! Yay! I hope you all have planned a good and fun weekend 🙂 As always, on Fridays it’s the day that I either introduce you to a new makeup artist or just give a makeup artist recognition for their work.  I do this because as a fellow makeup artist I know how hard it is to get recognition and to have people look at your work and for you to showcase your talent.  I don’t do it to get “likes” or “follows”, I do it because I follow these ladies and gentlemen and I am always inspired in what they do and I admire them as well. Today’s featured makeup artist is beautiful and has some of the most killer and envious collar bone/shoulder/neck structure that I envy. LOL! Yes I know, I’m weird, but when you see her you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Her name is Evelyn, or better known as Lolita Valverde

Told you she has killer collar bones! I love them!

I’ve been following Lolita ever since I created my own makeup Instagram account and I’ve always just liked her work.  She’s in NYC (so jelly!) and she’s worked some awesome shoots.  I did a random search on her without being as stalkerish and couldn’t find any personal information, which is ok, because I want to focus more on her work than on her personal life.  It’s not because it’s not out there, it’s just that I don’t delve into people’s personal life like that unless it involves their talent.  Check out some of her work below.

This is just beautiful

This is gorgeous!!!!

Look at those feature! They’re perfectly angled, I love it!

Ms. Lolita, I’ve followed your IG account from before you created your beauty IG account and I have always admired.  You definitely have talent and your work speaks for itself.  Not only that, but your Youtube videos are so full of easy steps on how to do your makeup and I’ve learned a thing or too from you.  Plus your sense of style is a plus 😉 Thank you for putting your work out there for us to be able to learn and have the same amount of confidence as you in pulling off some bold looks and also for being courageous and showing us how to achieve those looks from your beauty channel.

You can follow Lolita on her Instagram here and her beauty channel on Youtube here.


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