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Hi gorgeous! I hope that you all had a good weekend! It’s Monday again, and again, I didn’t wake up early enough to do my morning jogs as I’ve been trying to do for the past eh month or so lol, but it doesn’t help either that I’m going to bed super late! A few weeks ago I did a little mini Ulta haul and I had purchased Miss Manga along with an eye shadow and the NYX HD Stuido Finishing Powder. After using for a good amount of time I’m ready to give you guys a review on it.

I’ve used e.l.f.’s HD Finishing Powder and I also have Makeup Forever HD High Definition Microfinish Powder that I use for my clients.  I had ran out of the finishing powder and was using a no-name brand that was just plain horrible so I decided to get a new one to try out.   So what’s the big difference?  Well ladies I was super, extremely, just amazed by it! This powder is, in my opinion, even BETTER than MUFE HD Finishing Powder.  It is an entire silica based powder, and it is super milled to an extremely fine finish.  This almost feels like the most softest of silk.  This powder is super dry, so it is perfect to absorb any kind of moisture, in other words, oils that your skin my produce throughout the day.  It’s a powder that if you have super dry skin would actually dry your skin even more so you have to be very careful on how much of this product you use.  A little powder goes a super-extra long way.  It’s really important to notate that this powder will not let you apply anything else over it because nothing will attach to it.  If you do have dry skin or your skin is more on the dryer side this would be the kind of HD powder to use almost immediately after putting on your foundation.  I would recommend that you put on your foundation and contour/blush almost immediately and then apply the HD powder so that it can do it’s work properly.  Also another super important thing, in order to avoid having that “coke face” look, you MUST always BUFF IN the powder in a circular motion all over your face to avoid that mishap. So here’s my review and pictures and I’ll give you even more tips.

I will have to agree with many other people’s review that the packaging is a bit inconvenient because of how big it is and because it will make a mess in your makeup bag while in your purse, that’s how super fine this powder is.  As you can see on the bottom right hand corner, using Eco Tools Powder Brush, there’s only a very small amount of product on it.  That small amount is more than, and maybe a little too much, enough to cover your entire face.  The finish feel is super soft, silky, almost powdery. This will last you all day, I promise you.

This is the finishing product.  This look right here will last me all day. I’ll be luminous and oil-free until I get home and wash my face.  I’m telling you ladies, this HD powder works!

There are a lot of products that I’ve used and vouched for, of course, everyone’s experience with the products that I’ve used are always going to be different, but if it’s one thing that I can really and truly vouch for is this product right here.  I feel like this product is SO MUCH BETTER than MUFE HD Powder.  At a fraction of the cost, I would recommend for you to buy it asap!  The texture of it is just perfect, and remember a little does go a long super way.  In a bigger packaging you’re getting more for your money on something that works amazing.  I’ve found my holy grail of HD Powders and as soon as I’m done with my MUFE HD Powder I’ll replace it in my kit with NYX HD Powder.  Still don’t believe the hype? Wayne Goss did a review on it, check it out:

See… why spend over $40.00 on a product that costs you under $15.00 and does the same job but even better? Oh, and I got mine for 40% discount, so I paid under the $10.00, regardless, if it’s $15.00 and under I will be repurchasing this over and over and over again.

What do you guys think? Anyone use this? Would you be giving it a try? I’m telling you guys, I can’t boast about how good this product is, it really is a steal and I know you guys won’t be disappointed!