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Fall I think is one of the beautiful seasons that we have, aside from Spring.  But for those of you that don’t know, Phoenix doesn’t have seasons, we only have very hot and somewhat cold.  Fall and Spring here have no real meaning bring Spring, Summer, and Fall all feel the same.  So, for those that live in places where there are seasons changing, I envy you only a little bit 😉 With that said, NARS has their Fall collection coming out soon and I have the sneak peeks for you guys.

I know this is NARS, I get the look they were going for, but I don’t like this look, it’s very washed out.

The line is available already on NARS stores and online and will be available everywhere this August.  The line was inspired by the 70s as you can see by the picture above.  With this line their also introducing Night Series Eyeliners inspired by their famous “Night Series” which was their single eye shadows in pearl and sparkling dense eye shadows.  There’s also their new Satin Lip Pencil in cranberry and rose brown which was inspired by Indian architecture but of course giving it a sense of luxury.

Their new blush will be part of the permanent collection, this is No 4045 in Unlawful, $30.00, which is like an Amber pink with silver pearls to give it some radiance

Duo Eye Shadows, limited edition, $35.00, in Dollomites, a shiny rose quartz and chocolate; Jadin Perdu, a dove grey and metallic amethyst

Matte Multiple, $39.00, this one pictured is in Mauritanie, which is a strawberry red color, but there’s multiple shades to choose from.

Satin Lip Pencil, $25.00, in Bansar (rose brown, permanent to the collection) and Mandore (cranberry – limited edition)

Night Series Eyeliner, $24.00, Nigh Porter (black with green pearl), Night Flight (black with cobalt blue pearl), Night Clubbing (black with gold pearl), and Night Bird (black with purple pearl).

I like this collection, but it is nothing that screams out to me to get immediately, I can actually wait, but that’s just me, what about you guys?  Do you like this collection? What about those eye liners? I do like them!