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I was getting a little bored with my nails, but I will say that last week my mani lasted a full 8 days without any chips!!! Do you know how exciting that was to me!? Oh my gosh! I was just ecstatic! And you know what they say, that the moment that you mention something about it, you practically jinx yourself and then your nails chip or break. Well it took me a whole week and after I removed the nail polish for me to boast about it! LOL 😉 I’m a silly one!

So for this week’s nails I wanted to do something different and tried a little experimenting

I used the usual, Seche Vite Base and Top Coats, Sally Hansen’s XTreme Wear in Virtual Violet and Blizzard Blue, Gelous, and OPI’s Matte Top Coat.

I did the base with Seche Vite as always and then I took Victual Violet and only did half of my nail and the other half I did it with Blizzard Blue. These polishes are both on the translucent side so it was perfect for what I had in mind.

Then what I did was just take off the excess nail polish from the brush and mixed both colors to get this finished effect

I did the same on all of my nails, alternating on my left hand with Blizzard Blue being the base coat and putting the Virtual Violet over it.

Afterwards, I applied a coat of Gelous, focusing more on the tips of my nails and let it dry.  After it dried, I then applied OPI’s Matte Top Coat. Check it out!

I like how this looks! It’s very futuristic, at least in my eyes, lol 🙂 The way that the matte top coat changes the look of it makes it much better because both shades are shiny and with opalescent tones, so the matte top coat toned that down a notch but still looks awesome.

Hope you guys enjoyed this!