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Hump day! Middle of the week, blah, blah, blah, we all know. Hope today goes by pretty quick and smooth.  I just can’t wait until I am blessed to only be doing makeup every day, I’d be the happiest girl in the world 🙂

And with that said, this weeks nails I decided to do something a little different.  Since I still had the cuticle tattoos that I had ordered from Rad Nails and my nails have been longer than normal *jinx!* I hope they don’t break! I wanted to do something a little more eclectic? different? I just had a vision.

I started as normal with Seche Vite base coat, I used Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear in White On, had the cuticle tattoos out, and also used star appliqués.

I did very messy, but thin layers of white nail polish first.

Once it was dried I went ahead and cut out the cuticle tattoos that I was going to use.  It’s important to cut them as close to the actual size of them and knowing which you’re going to use for which finger.

After, make sure that you have your damp paper towel or rag ready for when you’re ready to apply it

Here’s how it’s supposed to look

Then you’re going to gently press your damp rag or paper towel and it will almost automatically transfer to your nail. Follow the same steps on the rest of your nails.

Don’t worry about the cuticle tattoo applying onto your actual cuticle as it will dissolve within a day or two after washing your hands.  Afterwards I applied a semi-thick layer of Gelous and then started getting creative with the star appliqués.

I used a tooth pick to pick up the little stars and just repeated the process on each nail.

I don’t like my ring finger design shown above, it’s just too much and it ruins the simplicity of the rest, so I’ll probably redo it tonight and make it more simple to match the rest of my nails 🙂

Afterwards I applied a thick layer of Gelous over it so that it would seal in the stars, especially the larger ones, so that it doesn’t snag on anything. Once that dried I applied the OPI Matte top coat and tada!

Hope this tutorial helped! Do you guys have any designs or questions or requests for nails? I’d be more than glad to help out or to do a tutorial for you!