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Hi! So I’m a bit late on this, I do apologize, life happens, but I remembered about it and looked for it on the App Store and what do you know?! It was available! I am talking about L’Oreal’s Makeup Genius! I had talked about it here few weeks ago and it is here and I’ve been playing with it and it’s fun! Let me show you! 

 As soon as you open it, it’ll ask you to log in or create and account and then to log in via Facebook.  I’m a bit anti-app adding to Facebook so I didn’t do that but I did create an account.  Then it’s the easiest, I kid you not, super easy to follow steps.

Simple! Then you pick the looks that you want, and honestly this feature is freaking awesome! The looks, and you’ll see, are really easy and super to duplicate and just amazing! They give you options as well!

Billy B is L’Oreal’s Makeup Artist and the person behind each look.  You have the options of Billy’s Signature Look, then they give you Ultimate Eyes and The Nudes. So I did each and every one of them! LOL!

How cool is this! I mean, I can see each look! It just makes me want to try out an orange lipstick/gloss and well, actually the entire looks, of course my tailored and blended better a bit 😉

 Lets move on to the eyes!

Oh my gosh! I like them all except the last 2! More on that later.

 Some of these looks are gorgeous and really can be pulled off!


Also, it gives you detailed information of each product used for the looks accomplished and I took more screen shots for you to see what else it offers you!

This just makes me realize that maybe, maybe I should be wearing more makeup! I love this look, one of my favorites!

 On your left it gives you the options of what you want, see that “how to”? Yes, it gives video tutorials!

And if you want to do virtually do your friends makeup, it also gives you that option!

This is an app that I would 100% recommend to those that wear very little makeup and want to try to start wearing more as you’ll be able to see exactly how you would look. Plus the step by step guide that offers you are really easy to follow.  All the products that were used are noted on the bottom as well.

What do you guys think? Would you be downloading?  I hope they add even more looks so that we have the opportunity to play with them even more.