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Happy weekend!!! I hope that you all have something nice planned or just have a weekend of full relaxation and/or laziness.  This makeup artist I can completely relate to.  She’s self taught and has amazing talent and is achieving many feats that many of us only wish we can get to. 

This is Lauren Nicely

Such beauty!

Lauren’s journey began a little different than ours, she actually was stood up by her makeup artist for her prom. How tragic is that? See that is how us makeup artists get a bad name, anyways, she embarked on her journey and now she’s teaching! Let me explain: she’s reached out to her fans, she’s spent time learning online via Youtube, reading, and of course like every one else, trial and error.  She’s made it a point to not just stop from learning online but also by going to classes like Beauty and the Beat.  Her tenacity and talent has gotten her notoriety not only on Instagram but also around the country where now she’s giving individual one on one classes and teaching them as well. Check out her work.

This is one of my favorite, she did a phenomenal job!

Just stunning!

Ms. Lauren, I’ve been following your Instagram account ever since I started on my own journey and your story inspires me over and over again. You’ve taken a leap of faith and have chosen this career path and you’re doing an amazing job! Thank you for sharing your work and talent with all of us. Your hard work is paying off and you’re on the right path to reach your dreams!

You can follow Lauren on her Instagram page here and on her Facebook page here.


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