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It’s been a beautiful morning so far today, I just love it when it rains here… I don’t love how many Phoenix drivers freak out when it rains! Anyways, Makeup Forever has come out with a gorgeous palette for the Fall and it is just fab!

Isn’t this just gorgeous?! The colors scream, yell, and tell you boldly that they are for here for Fall and Winter, no excuse or doubt about it! The palette features 8 new shadows and they’re all rich in jewel toned. Milk Tea, which is the only matte shadow in the palette, Pinky Beige, Olive Gray, Celestial Earth, Copper Red, Peacock Blue, Blueberry, and Black Purple.

Here’s the super awesome part: it’s only $25.00, yes, $25.00!!!!!!! The palette will be available in September, so make sure you and check out their website or Sephora and Ulta or any high end beauty department stores for this, trust me, I’ll definitely get it and I know it’ll sell out quick too!