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Middle of the week, I hope all of you have an amazing day today! Fall is definitely my second favorite season. Not only because of the layering, although I can’t really do that until middle of November, but because of the lavish makeup palettes that come out with beautiful colors. This palette is one of them as well.

This little beauty here comes with almost everything you would need for when you’re on the go.  It comes in this awesome shiny black case that opens up to show two different compartments.  it comes with 6 eye shadows, in black, coral, mauve, plum, taupe, and nude, which make it the first top half of the top palette along with 4 lipstick shades from a gorgeous red to the softest of pink.  Your bottom palette has 2 concealers, their Skin Retouch, a blush that has the Giorgio Armani logo, and a sheer blush, like a highlighter, plus a refined Giorgio Armani mini pad applicator.

Too cute right! This palette you will find it at your international airports and some stores if you know where to look.  Expect the price to be a little high, like say, in the range from $32.00 to $65.00, which I’m sure none of us are surprised 😉

What do you think? Yay? Nay? I like it because it is something that is practically complete. Apply your normal makeup in the morning and then use this as a super complete touch up. I just hope that the concealers come in different range of shades because it would be sad that if someone with a darker complexion was to purchase this and there wasn’t one in their skin tone, I know I would be upset.