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Finally! About time that the week is almost over! I swear I think this was the longest, slowest week ever! Sheesh! Anyways, Oh my gosh I am so excited about this collection! It screams Fall/Winter and I already see myself buying them.

Look at those colors! Just so jewel-toned and dark and lovely. Ahh… this is one of the reasons why I love Fall and Winter, because of the deep colors that just emote elegance and these nail polishes do not fall behind that concept.

12 new shades, all will be available in September and their usual price of $4.25.

Stop That Rain: rust red shimmer
Loco-Motive: gunmetal and red glitter
One Track Mind: navy blue creme
Well Trained: dark turquoise creme
Mind The gap: olive shimmer
What Are You A-Freight Of: dark brown creme
Lug Your Designer Baggage: brown creme with gold flecks
Conduct Yourself: oxblood creme
Nice Caboose: raspberry glitter
All Aboard: purple creme
Choo-Choo Choose You: purple/grey smokey shimmer
Don’t Get Derailed: grey creme

I like all of them, but not a huge fan of cremes, but who knows, they might be looking better up close and personal. I will for sure be getting some of these, I mean you all know my obsession with nails and nail polish. This is a good head start on the up coming trends too that we will be seeing soon!