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Hi! It’s Friday, yay!!! So tomorrow I have a print ad shoot with a big luxury car brand for Phoenix Fashion Week and I am uber excited because I feel like this is a step forward that will really just help set me more firmer in the path that I want to go. And because it’s Friday, I’m giving you massive eye candy from this gorgeous makeup artist. 

Ladies, this is Frank Guyton

Isn’t he just gorgeous and sexy? *fans self*

At the age of 16 he was discovered as a model in a mall and then next thing you know he’s out in Paris, Milan, and London to name a few places.  What this opportunity gave him was his ever growing love for painting, architecture, sculpting, and lighting, which was something is extremely important in the fashion industry.  Then he was approached by Scott Barnes Beauty (where can I be approached!?) and his talent was immediately taken notice and was urged to become a makeup artist. Ever since then he’s been one of the most sought after makeup artists in Manhattan. Here is his work.


Seriously, just gorgeous! I had to put these to in the fore front because well look at them!

Just stunning!

Mr. Guyton, please return to modeling 😉 Your work is beautiful! They’re full of inspiration and of looks that many of us can only try to replicate.  The level of success that you’ve achieved really shows and we can only hope to get to that same level as you and be approached by someone as Scott Barnes Beauty team. Keep up the amazing work.

You can follow him on Instagram here, on his own site here to see more of his work.


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