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Middle of the week dolls! I hope that you all are ready for this holiday weekend, I know I am that’s for sure! So Makeup For Ever is celebrating their 30 year anniversary and for their anniversary they’ve come out with a special palette with some of the biggest names in the makeup industry. 

 This palette features 30 eye shadows and they were all given a name of some of the makeup artists in the industry, including Dani Sanz, who is the MUFE Artistic Director.  The palette will be available on September 2nd on Sephora (online and at stores), it’s available now on MUFE online, and internationally on September, exclusively with Sephora. The palette will run you $250.00!

Here’s what each shade was named after, and also the box has each of these makeup artists signature!

 How awesome is that? Names like Elizabeth Cohen, Joyce Bonelli, Lottie, Craig Lindberg, Charles Porlier and more! Also, take this time to look for all these makeup artists on Instagram!

With a price tag of $250.00 I don’t know if I would be purchasing this. Yes I understand it is a limited edition and probably a very coveted palette as well, but at $250.00 I wouldn’t want to even use it! I would probably just leave it and make it look pretty as a decoration for my vanity 🙂

What do you guys think? Something you would even consider buying?