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Hello ladies! One more day for a very deserving long holiday weekend! I can’t wait! So many more fashion houses are coming out with their own beauty lines.  Not to stay behind, Dior has entered those ranks to fight for the best. 

 Diorskin Star Foundation is being doted as revolutionary. Why? Well… let me tell you: this foundation has Hollow Silica Beads, which is a new generation of silica beads that capture and diffuse light to recreate a luminous glow that is only achieved with the perfect lighting. Ah-maze-ing!!! It also promises a natural semi-matte finish due to it’s natural ingredients, plus it’ll also even out your skin tone and it’s shine resistant.  With 14 shades, I’m sure you’ll be able to find your own.  With a price tag of $50.00, this will be a foundation that you definitely want to try out first before committing yourself to it. I have a feeling this foundation will just become a cult classic.

 Diorskin Star Concealer is an illuminating-effect concealer for eyes sculpted by light. Yes you read right, by light.  They are promising that your dark circles will be instantly neutralized and are also claiming that the more you use it you’ll start noticing signs of fatigue will start to fade away.  It comes with a built-in-applicator and they recommend to to deposit the concealer on the creases of your under eye and on the outer corner of your eyes and then blend together.  With a price tag of $36.00 and in 4 different shades I’m sure that you can find your perfect one.

Diorskin Star Foundation Fluid Foundation Sponge was specifically designed to be used with Diorskin Star Foundation.  It’s in a tear drop shape, of course, extremely similar to the Beauty Blender, is to mold to your features and blends the foundation to give you a diffused starlit finish.  This is blender will cost you $20.00.
Diorskin Fluid Foundation Brush is also specifically created for liquid foundation and cream foundations.  The brush is a combination of synthetic and natural fibers.  It’s cat tongue shape was specifically design in order to be able to apply super ultra-fine film of foundation. This brush will cost you $46.00.

Now, I went online and started reading some reviews because what they were claiming was just too good to be true and I wanted to see if someone out there had tried it and if it lived up to its claims.  Dolls, it does.  I found these picture from A Model Recommends in which she posted before and after photos when using this product and you can read and watch her experience with it.



Before Close Up

After Close Up

Ok… WOW!!!! Can you see the difference?! This almost reminds me of Chanel’s Velvet Lumiere’s claims!

I am in a trance like awe right now.  I will be purchasing this.  The foundation is now available online at Dior and will be available in high end department stores and Sephora by September.  We all know that good quality things cost, I just hope that I don’t get disappointed, but I have a feeling that this will become my 2nd holy grail of makeup and it scares me LOL 😉

What do you guys think? Will you be considering it?