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The weekend is finally here and it’s a holiday weekend! Yay! Dolls, I’m sooo looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, I mean, the struggle has been very real these past two days when it comes to waking up! This makeup artist was recently featured on Buzz Feed as one of the top makeup artists you should be following… and they’re right!

This is Sheri Vegas

She is from Australia and was recently one of the youngest finalists nominated for the Australian Beauty Industry Award in Makeup Artist of the Year category. How cool is that!? She completed for makeup training back in 2009 and since then she’s been able to do makeup all over the world and with Vogue Italia online, Black Hair,  and Glass Book to name a few.  Check out her work.

 I wanted to put this one up first because her opening line says it all. This was her first shoot. First. That’s talent right there!

1 of the 3 that are my top favorite

2 of 3 – stunning!

3 of 3 – Just beautiful!

Haha! fART! I know I’m a little immature 😉

Ms. Vegas, first off, congratulations on all of your accomplishments! I’ve always known what I wanted to know the moment that I made the decision to follow my dream but reading about you and how you opened up your own studio gave me the vision of maybe one day being in a studio as well. Dreams right? You have to reach for them. Thank you for the inspiration!

You can follow Sheri in her Instagram here, her Facebook here, her Twitter here, on her Youtube page here, and on her personal website here.


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