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Hump day! Middle of the week, the day we re-assess what we have done, are supposed to do, and what we’re actually going to do. And I haven’t done any of those! Anyways, the more the chilly time of the year approaches, the more collections and palettes come out and I can’t complain! Here’s another collection for us to feast on.

This collection is a bit different from our normal, typical collections that come out.  This one here consists only of mascara and lipsticks.  The lipsticks, Lip Maestro and Rouge Ecstasy, both have 3 new shades that they’re introducing to us.  On top of that, their mascara, Black Ecstasy, which is said to be “black-boosting polymer” to increase the color intensity of pigments.

 This mascara will cost you $32.00 at your high end department stores and online.

  The lipstick will cost you $34.00

 The Lip Maestro will run you also $34.00 each.

What do you guys think of this collection? Something that you would get excited in purchasing?  I don’t know, for me, this is not something that I’m even really fully remotely interested in. Maybe because I’m not a lipstick kind of girl? Any of you have used their products?