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Happy Thursday! It’s almost the weekend and I’m wanting a deep tissue back massage, that’s all I can think about right now, just a back massage. Anyways, yesterday I did a super mini haul when I stopped at my local Walgreen’s for some nail polish remover.  To my surprise, they had a nail polish sale! So of course I had to look at the selection and I’m glad I did! I found this beauty called Starry Night.

  Of course I almost rushed home and got ready to do my nails. The typical nail polish gang was there: Seche Vite base and top coat along with Gelous.
 As usual, I removed all the dead cuticles and filed my nails.  I applied the base coat and then the first coat of Starry Night. Sorry about the mess, but just wanted you guys to see how it applied.

As you can see, the first coat is a bit on the translucent side. Also, this nail polish in particular dries quite quickly so you have to be a bit quick with it.  I applied a coat of Gelous and then applied the second coat of Starry Night.

 So this is the second coat and you can see that it has dramatically gotten darker and more saturated with the “glitter”.  I say “glitter” because it doesn’t actually have the feel of glitter or the texture of it.

After cleaning up the cuticle area and applied a second coat of Gelous, I applied the top coat of Seche Vite and this was the finished look:

  Here’s another look in natural light

As you can see, the color is gorgeous and it lives up how it looks.  It immediately reminded me of Essie’s Belugaria and I think I’ve found my signature nail polish.  Many girls have a signature nail polish like OPI Candy Apple Red for one of my friends and I feel that aside from Sally Hansen’s Plush Plum, this is definitely my nail polish.

Also, it’s a super similar normal nail polish to Belugaria, which if it wasn’t textured I’d be wearing it all the time and with this nail polish I  know for a fact that I’ll be wearing it continuously. I mean here’s a comparison

I think I am in love ❤ with this nail polish! Definitely you will be seeing a lot of this nail polish… I may not even put any more nail posts up because it’ll always be the same! Ahhhh! LOL 😉