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Middle of the week! With holidays practically coming around the corner, we see a lot more collections starting to come out and I can’t help it but enjoy it because you get a lot more for a lot less. Urban Decay is doing just that with this kit.

 Presenting to you: Urban Decay Little Perversions Kit. This is available now at Sephora and online at Urban Decay and it will cost you $45.00.  The kit includes a travel size mascara, a sample of their new eye primer, and liners.

Lets start with their mascara
  This is their Perversion Mascara.  Even though it is a travel size mascara, this is a very pigmented mascara. The formula is a bit wet but it does give you the super black application that you want.  A full size of this mascara will cost you $22.00

 This lash primer also comes included with the kit. It is said to coat your lashes from root to tip to make them look much fuller, thicker, and longer. This alone will cost you $20.00

This is their All Nighter waterproof eye liner. This is one of those eye liners that if you prefer to have super black, blackest black eye liner, it’s for you.  It is very creamy and has a glossy finish. It’s super pigmented and bold and you don’t need to go over it several times to get the blackest black. This individually will cost you $20.00

  And lastly, this is their 24/7 Glide On Eye in Perversion. This my lovely dolls is what you call the real deal when it comes to super black uninterrupted black eye liner. It is just truly black. This baby here will cost you also $20.00.

So what do you guys think? Talk about having a goth moment! I love the fact that they are coming out with super black liners that don’t become opaque or disappear throughout the day. Plus with the holidays coming along you can let your significant other know and to get a head start!