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Hello all! The weekend is finally here! I hope that you all have a great time and enjoy it as much as possible by having a lot of fun, relaxing, and just doing what you like! This makeup artist came into my radar a few weeks ago while browsing on Instagram #Makeup and i just loved his fun demeanor and I know you will too, plus his work is kind of awesome ;)!

This is Colby Smith

He is a New York City based makeup artist that got his start in Los Angeles.  Over the past 8 years he’s been doing everything that is makeup related, from runways, editorial, beauty, and celebrities like Lorde and Charli XCX.  Check some of his work below.

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I wasn’t kidding when I said that he’s very talented! Colby’s work is just fun, ethereal, stunning, and dramatic.  Quite frankly it is just full of life! This is the kind of work that we are to try and aspire, it’s the type of work that gets you noticed. Thank you Colby for showing us that diversity in this industry is one of the hardest things to achieve but can be done.

You can see more of his awesome work here and follow his Instagram here and his Twitter here.


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