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Yay! It’s the weekend! With Fall here I hope you all take the opportunity to head out and go for a nice walk, go on a hiking trail or ride your bike. This makeup artist is from across the pond and if you don’t know about her I will gladly introduce you to her!

Her name is Tania Grier

This talented makeup artist didn’t start as a makeup artist, while living in New York City and working/studying as an actress in theatre and independent films.  Then she went to London and photographer Nick Haddow suggested that she learn something different so she could have a back up plan.  She likes to paint, and at one point considered going to art school, so doing makeup, Nick thought, would be something she would enjoy… and she did.  She began assisting makeup artist Sarah Reygate for two years and then went solo.

She’s been able to work with the likes of Julie Christie for Chanel, Harper’s Bazaar, and many more. Here is some of her work:

              Beautiful right!?

Ms. Grier thank you for sharing your awesome work with the rest of us.  The precision of clean and beautiful makeup that you do speaks for itself and it’s something many aspiring and growing makeup artists want to be able to achieve.

You can see more of her work on Instagram here and follow her on Twitter here.


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