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Hello dolls! It’s beginning to feel a lot like Fall now in Phoenix!  Excited about it because finally layering, tights, boots, and scarfs are back in full force and I get to wear them! Speaking of Fall, Gucci has finally come out with their Fall collection and it is beautiful!

Finally!!! Gucci has released their very much highly anticipated beauty line.  There were many sneak peeks of the line on social media but many weren’t sure if the line would actually look like that.  Well it does, and it’s much more luxurious than we would have anticipated!

Under the creative direction of Frida Giannini, the line is for the woman who has evolved into modern age, an iconic, strong, daring, and seductive.


Lustrous Glow Foundation SPF 25, $65.00

This lustrous glow foundation is expertly crafted to create the signature Gucci finish – a radiant complexion with a soft glow.  Each drop of formula contains a precise ratio of luminous oils, powders, and polymers. The lightweight texture is designed to spread smoothly across the skin and it has buildable coverage as well. The line consists 12 shades that range from 3 different “light” formulas, 6 “medium” shades and 3 “dark” shades.

Luminous Perfecting Concealer, $44.00

This concealer is designed to help brighten your complexion while at the same time cover your imperfections. With a blend of light reflecting and concealing ingredients to mask blemishes, shadows, dark shadows, and fatigue, it also glides effortlessly on your skin with the help of it’s precise brush.

Silk Priming Serum, $52.00

This silk priming serum prepares your complexion for flawless makeup application creating a remarkable silk effect.  The serum-like texture glides across the skin and quickly absorbs to instantly hydrate.

Perfecting Lightweight Moisturizer, $69.00
This perfecting lightweight moisturizer is lightweight, hydrating, conditions, boosts moisturizer, and plumps your skin.

Gentle Refining Toner, $49.00

This gentle refining toner is a skin ph-neutral formula, designed to re-balance the complexion after cleansing and before moisturizing.  This formula sweeps away dull skin so that the surface of the skin is purified and ready to accept moisture.

Purifying Cleansing Water, $49.00

This purifying cleansing water is a refined, versatile cleanser that gently dissolves makeup and impurities. The formula is carefully designed to cleanse the skin on a microscopic level with a balanced blend of dynamic molecules leaking your skin purified and refreshed.

Magnetic Color Shadow Mono, $37.00

The magnetic color shadow mono debuts with 19 diverse single-tone eyeshadows. The complete palette is composed of iconic colors from Gucci’s fashion archives and modern hues directly from the runway.

Magnetic Color Shadow Duo, $49.00

Magnetic color shadow duo fuses vibrant hues with lavish textures.

Magnetic Color Shadow Quad, $65.00

Each quad holds a combination designed to recreate a signature Gucci look from sophisticated to bold.

Opulent Volume Mascara, $33.00

This mascara defines and frames the eyes using exclusive brush technology for exceptional separation and volume. The lightweight, sculptable formula rapidly builds volume while the cutting edge brush design ensure the product works across various lash types to emphasize your eyes.

Power Liquid Liner, $37.00

This liquid liner is a saturated black color and long lasting.

Impact Long Wear Eye Pencil, $32.00

Intensely colored formula glides on smoothly, stays soft for 30 seconds for blending, and then rapidly sets for a remarkable smudge-resistant finish. The combined effect of special wax makes this a waterproof intense colored pencil.

In three different shades: brunette, blonde, and soft black

Audacious Color Intense Lipstick, $39.00
Luxurious Moisture Rich Lipstick, $39.00

Vibrant Demi-Glaze Lip Lacquer, $32.00

Sleek Contouring Lip Pencil, $32.00

Sheer Blushing Powder, $49.00

Sophisticated sheer blushing powder softly illuminates and awakes any complexion for a radiant shine; ultra-fine powders are jet-milled to create a soft powder blush.

Golden Glow Bronzer, $59.00

Jet-milled and blended with gold undertones for exceptional refinement, golden glow bronzer glides onto the skin for a smooth, virtually flawless finish.

Luxe Finishing Powder, $55.00

Sized to slip into your handbag, this finishing powder is made for a virtually flawless finish on the go.

Powder Brush 10, $55.00
Blush Brush 11, $79.00
Foundation Brush 12, $55.00
Blending Blush 20, $49.00
Shadow Brush 21, $49.00
Angled Brush 23, $35.00
Pencil Brush 22, $35.00
Lip Brush 30, $42.00

Bold High-Gloss Lacquer, $29.00
Bold High-Gloss Lacquer Smoothing, $29.00
Bold High-Gloss Lacquer Top Coat, $29.00

Ok so let me boast…. oh em gosh!!! The line is awesome! I am definitely intrigued by their foundation, their cleansing water, and their toner! The price is to be expected a bit high, I mean, $75.00 for a blush brush? It’s a bit steep!

What do you guys think? Is it too high priced? Would you pay $75.00 for a single blush brush? What about their foundation? Do you think it lives us to it’s description? I’ll try and get some swatches soon and let you know if the rave of it measure up.