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Happy Veteran’s Day! Thank you all for your service. I’ve always said that it takes a certain type of individual to do the type of work that our Service Men and Women do for us. Thank you.

Ah concealers, we love them, we hate them, we can’t live without them, so I’m going to show you some easy tricks to make your makeup application as easy and have you looking radiant and beautiful!

I’m going to jump right into it!

– Know your concealer
It is very important to know what each shade of concealer does.  In order to know which one we have to use, I have to show you the color wheel so you can see what shade neutralizes what. 
Each color directly across from each other neutralizes or “cancels” each other out.

– If you have any Red areas you want to use the Green concealer.
– If you have any Purple areas (such as under your eyes or a bruise) you want to use a Pink concealer
– If you have Blue areas (such as under your eyes) you want to use a Pink/Peach concealer
– If you want to even out your skin tone use the Yellow toned concealer

– Always apply your foundation first!
This will help even out your skin tone and you will use much less concealer.  If you apply your concealer first, what ends up happening is you buff away the concealer with the foundation and therefore, needing more concealer on top of what you already applied.

– The correct way to apply concealer under your eyes
This is how it’s supposed to be applied

Apply your concealer in tapping motions with your ring finger in an upside down triangle. This will take the focus away from your dark under eye circles and highlight at the same time giving the illusion of a mini face lift.

– How to properly cover up a breakout
If the affected area is red, use your green concealer to apply only to the affected area as so:
 This also works if you have a breakout on your neck/chest area.  Make sure that you blend and finish it off with translucent powder to set it.

– Concealer Guide for your needs
This should be something really simple for you to be able to know what kind of concealer you need for your needs

Cosmopolitan had this out and I was like “Yes!!! Someone broke it down!” It really can’t get better than this

I hope this post has helped.  If you have questions about what type of concealer you should use or try please feel free to ask! I love getting questions and answering them for you!