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Hello! First, let me apologize for not posting anything up for you guys yesterday.  See, I like to write these posts on the day of because my ideas are still fresh or I tend to change things from the previous draft. Plus it’s like my little ritual before work because it puts me on such a great mood. So if you don’t see any posts during the week it’s not because I forgot, it’s simply because I’m no where close to a computer and I don’t like to do it on my iPhone because the pictures don’t post in the order I like (or maybe I haven’t figured out how to do that).

For today’s post I bring you either something revolutionary or just plain icky: Rental of nail polish.  You read that right, renting nail polish. 

So what is it or how does it work?  The company is called Coloristiq and it is based out of the UK and services at the moment are only for UK residents.  They offer multi-brand nail polish rental online.  Per their website they provide their members with a wide range of access to nail polishes such as Essie, China Glaze, OPI and Morgan Taylor.  You place the order online and it gets delivered straight to your home.  You get to enjoy the nail polish for 30 days for a monthly fee of £14.49 or $24.00 US.

They give you options to choose from like this:

I’ve asked myself the following questions because as an avid nail polish lover I know if I have these concerns many others will have them too:
– How is this hygienic?!
– Won’t you get a dried up nail polish if many are renting them?
– How are they cleaned afterwards?!

Coloristiq goes on to explain that their members may receive used nail polish, they also claim that they will make sure that they’re still working properly, aka make sure that they’re not dried up or clumpy, and they also sanitize them. They also say that nail polishes will always be sterile due to their chemical-rich formulas that kill off bacteria.

Also, another thing that they do is their type of “Quality Control”: They make sure that for each order you only use it for 9 paintings, 3 applications per bottle. How are they going to do this? The secret wasn’t revealed.

Here’s their packaging:

What do you all think about this? Would you consider renting your nail polish at $24.00 a month for 3 nail polish bottles with 9 applications?  I think this is something that would work, especially if you change your nail polish color constantly, knowing how much they charge at the salons it would be something that could work for you.  If this was available here, trust me, I would use it! 

You can see and learn more of Coloristiq here!