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Thursday…. chilly….. cold….. brrrrrr……..! This morning I was considering wearing a dress but the moment I got out of bed, I had to make a life decision and opted to wear slacks instead.  I know I shouldn’t complain because many of you are probably in 2-3 feet of snow and me over here, well…. yeah, no snow, barely 50 degrees.  MAC has always brought us some awesome cult classic makeup, and they’re about to add more to their cult following with these new eye liners. MAC is getting ready to release their new Technakohl Liners.

How awesome does this look!

These new Technakohl Liners are set to deliver vivid color in a collection of modern metals, pearly pigments, neons, and bold tones.   Each liner will cost you $16.00 and they’re going to be part of their permanent collection as well.

Snowed In – light peach off white
Sterling Silver – silver
Risque – pale beige
Bare Asset – medium beige
Twinked – yellow gold with sparkles
Brass Band – copper bronze metal
$$$ – mid-tone gold bronze
Alpha-Grey – metal grey
Counterfeit – silver grey
Funfare – bright true pink
Sourpuss – acid green
Skyscape – metallic deep sky blue
Vent – metallic lime
Whirlpool – dark deep blue
Take the Plunge – deep ocean blue
Cast Iron – elephant grey
Bishop Blue – blue-pruple
Image Conscious – purple
Cool Jazz – navy blue
Plank – deep bronze brown
Broque – deep brown
Army Style – military deep green
Clay – deep grey
Raisinette – brown-purple
Steelpoint – deep smoky metallic grey
Metalhead – greyish metal blue
Superfly – soft black

All of these liners will be available for Black Friday, November 28th at Macy’s only so make sure that you swipe them up while you’re out shopping!!! They will be available at all MAC locations on December 11.

What do you all think? I am really digging the colors! I am definitely going to be picking up some of them as I really like the gold metallic with sparkles, the pink, the purples, I just want them all!