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It’s Thursday! Weekend eve is finally here and of course, I mean, who wouldn’t be happy that the weekend is around the corner? With holidays literally less than two weeks away, I’ll be posting gift guides for everyone starting next week! So, to start, this palette should be a great stocking stuffer!

Urban Decay will always be a beauty line in which we will continue to gravitate time and time again.  They have been able to produce some pretty unique and amazing eye shadows and palettes and this one won’t disappoint.  Their new Vice LTD Palette is available out now and its limited edition as well.  The palette contains 20 eye shadows, 18 exclusive shadows, which 5 of them being brand new, and their two best sellers, along with their signature double-ended brush.

Many of the eyeshadows that are included in this palette have been cult classics like Junkshow from their 15-Year palette, Crystal from their Book of Shadows IV, and Perversion from Book of Shadows II.  Not only that, but some of the eye shadows have been revamped and their formulas updated with their Pigment Infusion System.

Nameless – medium taupe satin
Backdoor – cool dark brown matte
Deeper – medium metallic bronze
Disco – pale metallic gold with iridescent glitter
Heat – bright metallic copper
Crystal – icy metallic blue shimmer
Goddess – deep smoky blue with micro glitter
Vaporize – medium metallic gray taupe
Floss – deep metallic emerald with micro glitter
Perversion – soft black matte
Provocateur – icy metallic pink with micro glitter
Hoodoo – medium metallic violet with pink shift
Freakshow – bright purple satin
Junkshow – bright pink satin
Blitz – bright metallic gold
Chase – soft metallic bronze
Last Sin – pale champagne shimmer
Roadstripe – iridescent white with blue violet shift
Anonymous – pale peachy cream matte
Laced – soft pink nude matte

Naked, Backdoor, Deeper, Disco, Heat

Crystal, Goddess, Vaporize, Floss, Perversion

Provocateur, Hoodoo, Freakshow, Junkshow, Blitz

Chase, Last Sin, Roadstripe, Anonymous, Laced

Now UD describes this as “new” shadows, but actually, majority of them have already been released:
Vice Palette – Anonymous, Blitz, Laced, Provocateur
Vice 3 – Last Sin
15th Anniversary Palette – Chase, Deeper, Junkshow
Smoked Palette – Backdoor
Face Case Anarchy – Vaporize
Face Case Shattered – Nameless
Book of Shadows V 4 – Crystal
Book of Shadows I Heart NY – Perversion
Fun Palette 2012 Edition – Freakshow
These shadows are available as single: Heat (deluxe eyeshadow), Goddess, Roadstripe.  Which means, their new eye shadows to be Disco, Floss, and Hoodoo.

The palette is now available at Sephora, Ulta, Urban Decay, and any high end department store in your area and will cost you $60.00.

What do you guys think? Would this be something you would purchase? I don’t know, I feel like UD is running out of color combinations to create because their palettes are now starting to look the same. That’s just my opinion though. I do like the color combinations in this palette though, it does give you a wide range to create super subtle looks to bold looks. Will you be purchasing this palette? If you already did, how are you enjoying it?