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Hello all! I hope that these past few days have been full of holiday goodness, good food, and good memories. The end of the year is literally here. How quickly did you think the year passed? Well, I won’t go into anything deep today, I’ll leave that for my New Year’s post. For now, I’ll just go back to my regular postings 🙂

The BabyDoll is a colorful world created by visual artist and singer Amrita Sen, whose illustrious and imaginative illustrations tell the story of a magic land filled with music and art, while drawing inspiration from Indian prints from the Moghul era. The detailed hand sketches and paintings spring vividly to life in a limited-edition illustrated Brush Kit with coordinating Makeup Bag.

You can get the makeup back in pink and blue, with a price tag of $36.00 each and the brush kit comes with the following: 168SE Large Angled Contour, 217SE Blending, 219SE Pencil, 239SE Eye Shading, and 204SE Lash.

This will be available at all MAC locations and online on New Year’s Day.

Will you be picking this up?  What do you think of the design of the makeup bag? I think it’s really fresh and not your typical makeup bag design that many of us are used to seeing. Plus the brushes are always amazing!