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Hi! So tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. The year is technically over already. Did it seem like it went by too fast? I don’t think it did, but still, 2014 is about to be a thing of the past. Here are some holiday looks that you can create at home to look spectacular when the ball drops and you get your kiss!

This chic and iconic look will have everyone looking into your eyes.  Glitter can be a bit scary, especially under your eyes. Instead of glitter, use a platinum or silver liquid eyeliner. You don’t have to make it as graphic either, you can just simply line them normally.  Keep everything else neutral (just as shown) so that it doesn’t take away from the look.

This look is just beautiful. Apply a creamy gold eyeshadow as your base and extend it up to your crease. Use a charcoal or deep grey with some sparkle to create your smokey look and apply a generous amount of mascara. Keep your lips a nice pink shimmer and highlight and contour lightly.

Use a metallic eye shadow like this copper with a bit of shimmer all over your eyes and extend it up to your crease to create a smokey eye look with the same shade. On your crease add a bit of a dark brown to give it some depth and line your eyes and apply mascara. Make sure that you blend the brown eye shadow.

Want to be bold? Try this look! This is going to be a bit tricky, so start with a pencil eyeliner first to create the wings on your eyes. Once you’re happy with the design, apply a matte black eyeshadow to your entire lid. Then take your liquid eyeliner and trace the entire winged look.  You definitely want to keep everything else very simple and just add a nice shimmery pink lip gloss.

This smokey look is so easy and fool proof.  Line your eyes with a deep charcoal eyeshadow, then apply a bit of silver/shimmer eyeshadow in the corner of your inner eyes, then apply grey on your crease. Smudge with your finger to blend it together to give it this sultry look. Line your bottom lashes with the same grey/silver/shimmer eyeshadow (mix it together).  Apply generous mascara. Keep the rest of your face neutral with some peach tones to really make your eyes pop.

So you want a bold lip? Rock your favorite red/burgundy lip and keep everything else fresh. Apply a bit of a silky copper eyeshadow to your eyes, perfect your brows, and highlight and contour. Apply mascara and be fierce!

So you want to wear false lashes? Try wearing a pair of falsies on your bottom lashes. Use a light eyeshadow of your choice to use on your eyelids, add a bit of a white shimmer in the inner corner of your eyes and apply generous coats of mascara.

This is a look I’ll probably be sporting tomorrow night and I’m excited! Apply a bright blue eyeshadow along your eyelid and in the inner corners of your eyes. Then add a deep metallic violet to the outer corners to deepen the shade and blend. Apply false lashes to accentuate your outer lashes and add mascara. Then add your beautiful red lipstick, highlight a bit and contour. You’ll look beyond fierce!

Want something more subtle? This look will be perfect for you.  For this look you’re going to mix a combination of brown, copper, grey, and silver on your lids. On your crease you want to use your dark brown and copper to give it depth and definition. Line your bottom lashes as well and apply mascara. Keep everything else toned down and finish it with adding a peach lip stain.

Want some sparkle? Use a silver shimmer eyeshadow a bit in the inner corner of your eyes and blend it a bit up to your crease – but not on your entire lid. Then take a darker grey and apply it to the rest of your eyes. Take a bit of blue eyeshadow and tap it on the middle of your eyelid and blend. Line your bottom lashes with a blue eyeliner to make your eyes pop. Apply mascara to your top lashes only. Try a pink blush and lips to complete this look.

Want a classic look? You can never go wrong with this.  Apply a bit of a peach/pink shimmer eye shadow all over your eyes and then line your eyes with a liquid eyeliner. Don’t do a thick eye line, you want this to look delicate, and don’t forget to do a little flick at the end. Line your bottom lashes as well and apply generous amounts of mascara to your top lashes and very small amount to your bottom lashes. A rosy blush and lips will have you looking gorgeous.

This metallic look is so pretty and easy. Use a copper metallic eyeshadow and apply it all the way up to your crease, blend outward a bit and line your eyes with a black eyeliner. Take a Kohl liner and tight line your eyes. Apply a bit of the same shadow under your eyes and smudge it. Apply mascara, highlight and contour, and use a peach lipstick to complete the look.

Want to be edgy? Go for a dark smokey eye; apply a shimmer black eyeshadow on your lid all the way up to your crease and then on top of your crease apply a bit of a deep grey shadow and blend all together; do the same on your bottom lashes. Apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes. Contour only and highlight only a bit. Keep you lips nude to complete this rock chick party look.

Want just a more sophisticated look? Add a big of silver eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eyes and drag it a bit to the middle of your lids, then add a matte black to the outer corner of your eyes and blend it all together all the way up to your crease. Add accent lashes to your outer lashes, line your eyes, tight line them, smudge a bit of the black matte eye shadow under eyes and apply a good amount of mascara to your lashes. Keep the rest of your face neutral and add a pink/peach lipstick/gloss.

Don’t want to do a dark smokey eye? Try doing a smokey eye with a vibrant violet or green. To avoid looking like someone gave you a black eye, make sure that the violet or green that you’re using is not a dark shade, this has to be a cool violet or green. Apply it on your lids and crease and blend. Apply mascara and lightly highlight and contour.

I hope these looks give you all some inspiration for tomorrow night!